Tips for Choosing the Best Audio Transcription Service

Tips for Choosing the Best Audio Transcription Service

When searching for transcription services it is important to consider the following key points as they will help guide you towards a company that gets your transcription job done in a professional and timely manner. Take a look at these guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to working with an excellent transcription company.

Look at Turnaround Times

This is particularly important if you are on a tight deadline, but in most cases you will need to know that your transcripts will be produced in a timely manner. Most companies offer express turnarounds as well as standard services, so make sure you know what you are paying for, and what timeframe you can expect from the service.

Look for Accuracy

If you just wanted any old transcript that wasn’t particularly accurate you could just use a speech-to-text app to get the job done. But if you want a transcript that actually makes sense and is entirely accurate, you need to use professional transcription services. Professional transcription services companies use real people and not software to get the transcriptions done. Look for quality and accuracy and you won’t be disappointed with the final result.

Check Fee Structure

Nothing is worse than coming up to pay the bill and finding you have been stuck with some unplanned extras. Make sure you know exactly what you will be paying. If you see a low rate for transcription per minute, make sure that there are not lots of added extras that will bring the cost right up.

Look for Security

You need to know that your files are completely secure when you are sending them to an online transcription service for work. This is even more important when you are working with sensitive information such as legal transcription, company reports, medical records, and disciplinary hearings. Check that transcriptionists sign confidentiality agreements.

You should look carefully at each transcription provider to make sure you know what you are getting for your money. You need to know that the transcripts will be accurate so that you can use them effectively in your work. It doesn’t make sense to cut corners when looking for a supplier as you may end up having to redo all the work you paid for in the first place.